Little Eaton, Derby Wedding – Anna and Steven

Anna met Steven at School in Derbyshire, they are both wonderfully warm, down to earth people, and when I met them a few days before their wedding I immediately felt like I knew them already. Turns out that connection was that Anna grew up in the next street to me, and actually lived next door to my best friends growing up through childhood! What are the odds?  It was meant to be. Steven is a second generation blacksmith in Little Eaton, and as well as having one of the coolest professions (apart from photographer, obviously!) is pretty tough. Anyone who drills into their thumbnail after hitting it with an anvil is going to be pretty hard to rattle during wedding prep.

The day started with a drink at the Queens Head in Little Eaton before heading down the road to the church, everyone in a wonderful mood uplifted by one of the first truly warm weekends of the year. Family was hugely important to the bride and groom, and Anna’s father had come out of retirement for one day only to perform her wedding ceremony in the church. He did superbly, and everyone was touched by the real emotions and humour during the service.

After the service the couple headed to a nearby meadow filled with buttercups for some pictures, and of course we had to pay a visit to the blacksmiths workshop down the road! After their portraits the couple went back for their wedding breakfast at Little Eaton Village Hall, which had been decked out in bunting and looked transformed. Steven had been hard at work in the weeks prior to the wedding making the cake stand and guest book tree himself, and walking through the doors to rapturous applause they began the rest of their lives together as man and wife.

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What an absolutely stunning set of wedding images. I bet they were absolutely thrilled with them. You are extremely talented!!! I love the look on Steven’s face as Anna walks down the aisle. Priceless!!!! No wonder he looks so happy, she looked breathtakingly beautiful!!!



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