The Ashes Wedding, Endon – Nikki and Kevin

I drove through Derbyshire towards the Ashes¬†under a constant storm of rain, wind, and generally miserable weather! Pretty shocking for August I thought, but here we are, thats why I love the unpredictability of British weddings! I arrived on site and the rain had stopped, and literally the moment Nikki drove up towards the venue, the cloud cover lifted and the sun peeked out, I couldn’t believe it! It proved to be a very sunny day, with only a slight shower in the evening. And we all know what happens when you get sun AND rain…RAINBOWS! A proper corker of a double rainbow actually, scroll down to see the stunning panoramic picture of Nikki and Kevin under a full double rainbow.

Nikki planned this whole day whilst pregnant, they are expecting their first child and she couldn’t have looked more radiant and happy. They were surrounded by the most beautiful venue, and loving family and friends. Everywhere you looked there was music, lemonade, good food and flowers in the sunshine, exactly what summer weddings are all about! Nikki’s mum did an amazing job walking her down the aisle, and put in an amazing effort with the speech too, getting raucous laughter and applause throughout the rustic barn. The tiny stars of the show were the adorable page boy and flower girls, the youngest Nikki’s neice and only a few months old.

When the double rainbow appeared in the evening before the first dance, I’m not ashamed to say I ran to the bridal cottage at full pelt to fetch the couple quickly, and that’s with a broken shoulder (from falling down the stairs four weeks previously, but that’s a whole other story!) I just knew I needed to get this quickly, rainbows are here one second, gone the next! Luckily they were both up for a few quick pictures and let me take them outside under the most amazing double rainbow stretching across the whole valley. I was pretty stoked to get that shot in the bag for them and it kicked off an amazing evenings entertainment where the dance floor stayed packed. Congratulations guys!

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