Ashbourne Wedding, Peak District – Mike and Sarah


Sarah and Mike tied the knot at the Bentley Brook Inn near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, in the south of the beautiful Peak District. I do love shooting weddings in the peaks, even if we can’t make the trip into the hills, and we were totally blessed with the weather when the sun peeked out for a few minutes after the ceremony!

I must confess I knew Sarah many years ago as we went to college together, and may have spent a good few nights (and pints) at the Blessington Carriage with her in my teens! She’s still pretty awesome and it was great to meet her new husband, their reception felt like quite the college reunion for me! I was pretty nervous with all those familiar eyes on me, but I put that pressure to good use and needn’t have worried as their pictures have turned out beautifully. Sarah is a huge cat lover and they requested that their Studiobooth have a loose cat theme,  it was a huge hit, most of the guests were partying it up in the booth instead of the dance floor! Enjoy this glimpse of their day…

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Ashbourne Wedding Photography



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